Covid-19 Pandemic: My Journey to the Unknown

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11th May 2020 10:44am

Young Greenwich supports work from young people across the Royal Borough of Greenwich and simultaneously, the work of young people across the UK. Showcasing the great work and voices of young people, Young Greenwich is introducing Young Writers to join the community and share their knowledge, experiences and passions to inspire other young people. 

Written by Sarah-Belle Thapa

Staying active during quarantine seemed impossible for me, known for being the clumsy one out of 3. What's always been a joke to my younger sister & older brother, turned out to be one of my worst nightmares. Trust me to simple slip and I dislocated my knee on the first day, when the government announced a school lockdown. I never expected spending rest of quarantine with a whole leg strap on crutches. It’s made me think about all the things we used to do.

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I literally grew up attending Skills & Care Greenwich through Young Greenwich [delivered by Charlton Athletic Community Trust] every Sunday for nearly 6 years. The Royal Borough of Greenwich gave us youths the opportunity to learn, take part in many free arts and cultural events. We were given a platform to perform at places like Charlton House, Plumstead Make Merry, General Gordon Square, Woolwich Town Hall, Eltham Palace and many more.

To us youths having a hub, the support from our mentors been life changing. Since the lockdown, we haven’t felt so isolated as we are not alone. We've been keeping in touch with friends, and have built trust and friendships through social media.

Our friendship groups have been sharing memories of cultural art events, wardrobe malfunctions, reminiscing on the times we drank too much water before performance, the dressing up and making memories. We shared so much tears of laughter. We now have online:

• Friendship groups and support network

• Exercise groups

• Homework groups

• Cooking groups 

Though we are going through a pandemic, being quarantined doesn’t mean the end. To us it means testing time. Using all the skills we were taught during our time at the youth hubs and make the most of limited resources and support each other.

Volunteering is part of the Royal Greenwich culture. During quarantine, we managed to get vital supply to some of our community’s most hard to reach communities.

As one of Young Greenwich's members I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed, for us youths getting the opportunity, vital life skills and resources for becoming better citizens. 

My writing is to encourage many more youths to join the youth hubs around Royal Greenwich and make the most of all the great opportunities being provided for us where possible.

Special thank you to Matt Horne and team from Valley Central Hub, always ensure our attendance and supports us along the way.

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