Young Greenwich member, receives Jack Petchey Achievement Award.

26th June 2020 10:06am

Young Greenwich members from Hawksmoor Youth Hub have been awarded with the Jack Petchey Award for their outstanding achievement.

During the lockdown period, a group young people between the ages 11-16, have maintained a positive mindset and translated that to helping peers within the community from a safe space. The incredible work carried out has led the young people to be recognised for the young person’s achievement and intergeneration / community engagement.

One of the achievement award winners Nicole, has supported her friend Tilly during the lockdown period. Nicole is also supporting Tilly during her transition from Secondary School to College.  Tilly found the lockdown very stressful and will be starting at Shooters Hill College in September. Nicole has been offering support online and now the lockdown has eased the girls have been going on bike rides together.

Nicole and her friends decided to spend her funding on making hanging baskets and potted plants to help make their gardens look and smell nice – providing a place of relaxation. The group have also decided to make extra baskets and pots for Residents of Lakeview, the Local Care Home which is located cross the road from Hawksmoor Youth Hub.

Delighted about this amazing work, Unit Manager Claire Hallinan said:

“Having young people support each other during difficult times is fantastic”. 

Nicole has left a lasting impact on friends and other members in the community including Tilly’s mother Penny who said: 

“I am so grateful Tilly had Nicole for support and someone to talk to, she was extremely stressed and suffered with anxiety – not being able to do her exam and worrying about going to college in the new term”.

Young Greenwich would like to congratulate Nicole on her wonderful achievement and will be sharing more success stories from the young people across the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

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