Young Greenwich x Futureversity Free Summer Youth Programme 2020

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22nd June 2020 10:13am

Young Greenwich in partnership with Futureversity are offering summer activities to the young people of Greenwich. This year we have put together an excellent online summer offer and hope you will encourage your service users to be a part of the this years' Greenwich summer fun - online.  

Current COVID Situation

Understanding that many families and young people will be spending more time outside, our online summer programme addresses this by delivering highly engaging and popular activities during the late mornings and early afternoons, before most young people will go out with their family. 

Whilst some families will be enjoying the weather and relaxed restrictions, many parents are still uncertain about allowing their child/ren to socialise face to face with families outside of their immediate network. 

Our Online Offer

As such our online offer encourages young people to socialise online and follow Government guidelines and stay at home as much as possible. 

In manageable online groups of no more than 10 young people, Greenwich young people will be able to have fun learning new skills safely online and continue structuring their day during the summer holidays, in preparation for their anticipated return to school in September.

Our Contingency Plan

As a contingency, for parents wanting face to face engagement, we are able to offer small group sessions on a Tuesday at the Woolwich CACT Youth Hub, IF the government announce an easing of lockdown guideline that is suitable for face to face delivery. Each face to face session will follow Government social distancing guidelines. 

This Summer's Programme Aim 

The aim of this summer programme is to encourage young people to follow Government guidelines and stay at home as much as possible. To have fun learning new skills online and continue structuring their day during the summer holidays, in preparation for their anticipated return to school in September. 

Online Safety: To protect young people online, all activities will be accessed via a secure video conferencing link on our website. All activities will take place in a safe and locked online room and are delivered by a tutor or youth mentor and supported by a trained volunteer peer motivator. 

Please see below for an overview of the summer programme;

The 2020 Online Greenwich Summer Youth Programme

Date: Monday 27th July - Friday 21st Aug (excluding Weekends)

Time: 11am-6pm

Online Activities: See attached flyer. 

Summer Programme Timetable: See Referrers Submission Spreadsheet

Public registration and enrolment

Opens: Monday 29th June

Closes: Sunday 26th July

Public Registration Link:

Professionals Referrer Submission Form 

In our efforts to support youth professionals, youth organisations and local authority key workers in 

referring young people on to this year's summer programme, I have attached a referrer submission spreadsheet.

You may complete the spreadsheet but MUST return it ANYTIME before the end of day on Friday 10th July 2020 

Late submissions will be accepted no later than Monday 13th August at 10am SHARP. 

Please ensure you;

  • Complete all fields on the spreadsheet
  • Enter the exact/correct details 
  • Return the referrer submission spreadsheet by end of day before Friday 10th July 2020
  • Use this password to gain access to the sheet: SummerFun20

Please feel free to ring the Elaine (Futureversity Programmes Manager) on 07521244785 or Matt Horne on

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